Safeguarding Pollinators and Pollination Services

Healthy and resilient ecosystems underpin human well-being and quality of life. Pollinators contribute to plant reproduction in natural and managed ecosystems which supports food security, local and national economies, and provides wider biodiversity and ecosystem benefits.

Pollination and production of blueberries

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SURPASS is an international partnership between Argentina, Brazil, Chile and the UK, working on pollinators and pollination services in South America. Our main objectives are to develop knowledge, build capacity and define tangible actions for conservation and sustainable use of pollinators. Through our research activities, our consortium focus on providing knowledge to food producers, policy-makers, land managers and the public who need better evidence based tools to support decision making for sustainable outcomes.



Newton Fund Latin America Biodiversity Programme, awarded by by the UKRI NERC, in partnership with the CONICET, ANID, and FAPESP.