Bioblitz Challenge - Chile

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020| Tags: Monitoring, Data, Biodiversity collection, Interaction | Lorena Vieli, Maureen Murúa & Francisco E. Fontúrbel

November - Bioblitz Challenge

During November 2020 the Chilean members of SURPASS have launched a Bioblitz to promote the use of iNaturalist across the country. The aim of this initiative is to increase citizen awareness of pollinators, as well as the amount of data on this group of species in the iNaturalist Platform. Observations that are of good quality and their species is identified are automatically inserted into the GBIF Platform. This way, more data will be publicly available for all types of interests (educational, scientific, naturalists, etc.).

This challenge has been coordinated with the Chilean Pollinator Network and citizens are encouraged to adhere their observation to the project “Red Chilena de Polinización”. Researchers aim to increase the amount of observations for pollinators in order to better assess their distribution and monitor their trends in the future.

Lorena Vieli, Maureen Murúa & Francisco E. Fontúrbel