Help the SURPASS2 team co-design Pollinator Monitoring in Argentina, Chile and Brazil

Worldwide, many pollinating insects are declining in distribution and abundance. Unfortunately, our understanding of pollinator population trends and how these changes impact pollination services in both natural and agricultural ecosystems is limited and suffers from large data gaps and a lack of long-term standardized monitoring programs across the world.

SURPASS2 is working with the academic community, government and relevant social actors to co-design a standardized monitoring framework to assess the status and trends of pollinators and pollination services throughout Latin America, with an initial focus on Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

You can help us identify which pollinator groups, methods and metrics future monitoring efforts should focus on by taking part in our short survey (10-15 minutes; links below). Your contribution will help us prioritize our efforts and co-develop a more robust long-term monitoring framework.